“ANNEX Korea SIM PLUS” for Shipping


  • Unlimited Data, 100 mins Calls, 100 Texts within S. Korea
  • Runs on a nationwide super fast 4G LTE KT network
  • Available for Int’l & Express Domestic Shipping
  • Blazing Fast 4G LTE Data Speeds : Avg.120 Mbps
  • After 10GB of usage, Data speeds limited 400Kbps
  • Tethering is available
  • Free incoming Int’l Call, Text
  • Voice Talk by using Skype, LINE..etc. is available when connected to Wi-Fi Zone.
  • Learn more detail, Tap flag!

Save Up To 20% OFF !

Product Price
3-Day 23.8-> 22.5
5-Day 27.9-> 25.0
7-Day 31.3-> 28.5
10-Day 37.2-> 31.0
15-Day 47.1-> 38.0
30-Day 69.0-> 56.0
Unit : USD $, Surtax 10% included.
US$ 3.5 flat fee for domestic shipping
US$ 5.5 flat fee for Int’l shipping
No need to drop off SIM
You are needed to register SIM Activation before using it.
You can use the SIM Card immediately after registering the date you want to use it.
SIM Credit expiration is counted based on your registered using date by yourself.
Amazing Pay T-money Card can be ordered with this SIM.
Notice on credit balance
You receive Text message of credit balance if you used up 80% of your given call & text credit (100 min/100 texts).
It’s recommend to top up your credit as received message to keep up with data, calls, texts.
LTE data service may be interrupted as your credit balance runs out if you used up all your given call & text credit without additional top-up.
To keep using LTE data, you have to recharge your credit and Top-up instructions are as below.
Order Process
  • Step 1. Order & Payment
  • Step 2. Shipping
  • Step 3. Register for SIM Activation

Order Now!

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Delivery DetailsRecipient’s full Name, full address with ZIP code, Contact phone Number(if possible)
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Order Checkpoints

This SIM Card is valid for visitors to Korea.
If user is of Korean nationality, You must own a proper visa which proves you are staying overseas such as permanent resident card, student visa, etc. You must upload one photo taken together with your passport and one of them.
Please check 4 points : “Unlocked phone, Compatible phone, SIM Size, Delivery Time”.
Customers using phone activated in USA, Canada, Japan, have to make sure that your phone should be unlocked.
Your phone must support on one of GSM N/W frequencies below.
4G Bands : Band1(2100MHz), Band3(1800MHz), Band8(900MHz)
3G Bands : HSDPA 2100MHz/HSDPA+
Not Supported TD-SCDMA,TD-LTE Bands

Payment Checkpoints

Visa, Master American Express, Discover or PayPal account are accepted.
You can pay with your credit card as a guest on the PayPal Page by Choosing “Pay with my credit or debit card” instead “Log in” if you don’t have PayPal account.
After placing an order, you will receive “Thank you” mail. If you didn’t receive it, please check your spam or junk email folder or notify us by email.
If not paid, it does not proceed to the next step.
How to make a payment in Korean Won(KRW)
1. Complete an order sheet and click “proceed to paypal” button.
2. When you are connected to PayPal payment, do not pay, and come back to the original page.
3. Click on Naver Pay as below and make a payment.
4. That’s all folk!

Shipping Checkpoints

For Domestic Shipping Time
You will receive your item in the mail of fast registration.
When ordering before 4 pm (KST) weekdays : Next Day
When ordering from after 4:00 pm of Friday to weekend : Next Tuesday
For Int’l Shipping Time
14 to 21 Business Days
You will receive it in the international trade by Air.
No shipping on weekends or Public holidays
Shipping times may vary during peak periods.
After shipping, you will receive tracking number to check the shipping status.
Choose EMS and Track/Confirm on the Menu.
Input tracking number to search it.

SIM Registration for Activation Checkpoints

You are needed to register SIM Activation before using it.
We recommend to register SIM on schedule date you want to use it in advance.
This is to ensure that your SIM works well with trouble free on arriving and switching SIM in Korea.
ANNEX TELECOM Customer Center
This SIM Card is powered by ANNEX TELECOM, KT MVNO.
82-1544-4344(overseas), 1544-4344(domestic)
Business hours
Mon ~ Fri : 09:00 ~ 20:00
Lunch Break : 12:00 ~ 13:00
Weekend & Holidays : 09:00 ~ 18:00

Top-Up  Checkpoints

You may top up in addition when you receive text message that the used amount for calls/texts reaches 80% of its’ given amount.
Charges for extra local calls and texts
Calls : KRW 1.98 / Sec, Texts : KRW 22 / Text
Expected Top-up Amount
For additional 100 min calls,
Top-up Amount is KRW11,880 (=KRW1.98*60s * 100m)
For additional 100 min texts,
Top-up amount is KRW 2,200 ( = KRW 22 * 100 Text)
When your data service is interrupted,Top-up amount to maintain it is needed KRW 3,000 per day till the expiry.
e.g. when purchased 7-Day Pass and 3 Days left, Top-amount is KRW 9,000 ( =3 Days * KRW 3000 per day).
How to top up by using app
Download the “WHOMSIM” application from the Android, IOS app store
Choose Language and Top Up
Choose payment options
Input your mobile phone number given A Mobile
Choose Top-up amount
Pay with your credit card
That’s folk all

Getting Started SIM

Setting configures the correct data APN automatically
1. Turn off your phone
2. Switch SIM into your phone
3. Turn on & Check KT 4G LTE Signal on your phone
4. Enjoy unlimited data on your phone
Troubleshooting Tips, SIM
Try to do as follows if KT 4G LTE Signal is not connected
1. From the Home screen, Tap Menu, then Settings
2. Turn off Airplane and Wi-Fi
3. Power OFF 2 ~3 times & Check KT 4G LTE Signal
4. Do KT APN Setting if KT 4G LTE not connected
Notice on Local call
Calls to the number (such as 1588, 1577, 02-1588), telephone information service (060), TRS (013), domestic video call and personal number service (050) are strictly limited.
Credit balance may run out and the data service be interrupted if you call the number above.
Just ANNEX Telecom Customer Center (1544-4344) is available only.

Return & Refund

Send us email promptly if you want to cancel your order.
According to Order Status, it is subjected to following our policy.
Before Shipping : No cancellation fee
After Shipping: USD $10 Handling fee will be charged.
30 days after purchase: Non-Refundable
You will get a refund according to the cancellation policy.
Once Prepaid Data SIM opened, it is strictly not refundable once sold.
Refund of balance will be paid back by PayPal account.
You can return your order within 30 days of purchase.
To receive a refund of the purchase price of your Prepaid Korea SIM Card, you must return it (with original packaging and all contents) within the Return Period in undamaged condition.
Your return is subject to a handling fee. Refunds for your order will not be processed until we have verified your order was received by our shipping company.
To return an item, ship SIM in its original packaging to:
ATTN : NeoKOSIM Return
133-2601, 20, Hagui-ro,Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Korea, 14044
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