What is the difference between Free A and Free S, Free 100?


When switching SIM after arrival in airport, Free S works immediately,
Free A and Free 100 work after arrival in airport and proceeding SIM activation by customer center.
This is the main difference between Free A  and  Free S,  Free 100.
After comparing several points from table below, you will find the our SIM Cards to be the most suitable for using it.

* Pre-Register for SIM Activation :
– It means that user have to apply to registration form before using a new SIM Card in Korea.

* Recharge :
– It means that user can extend validity date of SIM which try to recharge credit.

* Mobile Self-Authentication Service
– It means real name verification using your Korean mobile phone number and birth date and name
when you need to sign up for an internet site
(i.e. where pay bills and Make purchases items) or verify your identity for your reference.
– To see more details >> tap here!

* 10 GB + 2 GB/Day + 3 Mbps :  Free A and Free S
– it means after usage 10 GB, extra 2 GB is offered daily and
– After 2 GB of usage per day, data speeds is limited 3 Mbps on remain times of the day.

* 100 GB + 5 Mbps : Free 100
– it means after 100 GB of usage, data speeds is limited 5 Mbps on the remaining periods of the 30 days.

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