How do I use a coupon code ?

You are able to get promotional coupon code from our website page or our Facebook official page or when we have regular/special promotional event or congratulation on our business improvement. If you want to use a coupon on a Prepaid Data SIM Order page (Korea SIM Card for Data), you can add it on the same page where you submit payment as below.

Find your coupon code

If you want to use a coupon from NeoKoSIM, you will get the promotional coupon code in our website page or our Facebook page ( At the moment, these coupons code don’t automatically show up on our website,

Use a coupon on a Prepaid Data SIM Order page

1.Click First Data Pass (5,10,30 Days) on the checkout page for an order.
2.Click Coupon code in the “Have a coupon?” box.
3.Enter your code.
4.Click Apply.
5.Coupon code is applied successfully.


There are a few things to know about using coupons:

1.Only one coupon can be used for an order.
2.If your coupon has expired, there is no way to re-activate it.
3.We accept coupons issued by NeoKOSIM only.
4.Coupons can be applied for Prepaid Data SIM only (Korea SIM Card for Data).


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