Free 100, Plus B, Plus C, Magic, Lite, Basic for shipping


This is SIM Activation for SIM Free 100, Plus B (for Shipping), Plus C, Magic, Lite, Basic as follows.
– SIM Activation will be proceeded after your arrival in Korea.
– SIM Activation can be completed according to manual included after receipt of your SIM.
– You must request SIM Activation three days before arrival in Korea.
– You can’t use your SIM unless you do SIM Activation.

Opening Hours for SIM Activation.
– It is from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, all the year.
– Activation Lead Time : 10 ~ 20 minutes.
– SIM starting information will be notified by email and SMS.

How to request for SIM Activation.
-1. Email us back when received user’s SIM Card and SIM Activation’s mail as below.
-2. Write user name, arrival date and time in Korea , using start date for SIM and required documents.
-3. Required Document :

-3.1 When user’s nationality is Foreigner,
their passport or ARC (Alien Registration Card) including their new SIM Card is required such as A, B, C.

-3.2 When user’s nationality is Korean,
their Korean ID card or Driver’s License and new SIM Card  instead of Korean passport such as A, B, C.

-3.3 Korean Passport is Not acceptable as of May 10 2021.
-3.4 If user has only Korean passport (don’t have Korean ID or Driver’s License),
user’s Korean Passport and new SIM Card and Application form for Korean ID issuance or Reissuance
from Resident’s office together such as A,B,C,D.

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