How to do SIM Activation

You have to do SIM Activation on Mobile Device or Desk Top (Lap Top) before using MY SIM FREE A or SIM PLUS A.
And you can use them immediately after doing SIM Activation or on the scheduled date for your desire by pre-register. 

Try to do SIM Activation as follows. 
1. Visit to SIM Activation page : and
2. Choose languages.  

3. Agree to Terms & Conditions.

4. Enter the user info and SIM Information as follows :
– Full name (on passport), email address,
– USIM No. 3-digit in label of SIM Card, Given new Mobile Phone No, 
– Starting Date

5. Upload Copy of your passport after click on “Select File(화일선택)”.
– It is needed only copy of passport details on your face and passport number should be clearly shown when you take a picture your passport with your phone.
– If user is of Korean nationality, you must own a proper visa which proves you are staying overseas such as permanent resident card, student visa, etc and you must   upload one photo taken together with your passport and one of them.

6. Press Apply Button to complete SIM Card Activation.
– After registration/pre-registration, when you switch a new Korea SIM into your phone, you will receive text message about balance and expiry date. 

If you use it without doing your SIM Activation, you will receive these texts.
– “Your credit balance runs out” and
– “You can only receive incoming calls from now and can use after additional recharge.”

Don’t worry. You can use it right after by doing your SIM Activation.

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