How to top up for ANNEX SIM Cards

[ANNEX SIM FREE and ANNEX SIM PLUS for shipping]

* They are available to extend the expiry date of your SIM as below,
– Extendable up to 30-DAY only once
– For 3,5,7,10,15-DAY, including first using periods, extendable up to 30-DAY only once 
– For 30-DAY, extendable up to 30-DAY only once 
– Recharge amount per day is KRW 3,000
* e.g. when purchased 15-day Pass and want to extend 3 days,  top-amount is KRW 9,000 (=3 days * KRW 3000)

* Notice for ANNEX SIM PLUS
– You will receive text message of credit balance if you used up 80% of free 100 mins call,100 texts credit.
– Data service may be interrupted as your credit balance runs out if you used up all your given call & text credit without additional top-up.

* Try to use top-up App as following, please.
1. Download the ‘WHOMSIM’ app from the Android play storeIOS app store 
2. Open “WHOMSIM” App on your phone. 
3. Choose your language. 
4. Choose “Top-up” (Recharge) on menu page 
– Available on Global/Korean Credit card, Bank Transfer 
– VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMAX are accepted 
5. Choose Payment Option (Credit Card) on menu page.
– Put your mobile phone No. to check balance 
– Choose Top-up amount 
6. Put credit card details to make a payment 
7. Text message “completed Top-Up” will be received after payment. 
8. That’s all folk!
>>> To learn more about top-up, click here !

[ANNEX SIM FREE for pickup] * Credit expiry of ANNEX SIM FREE for pickup can be used up to for 90 days by recharging each 30 Days after purchase.
–  Top-up amount for extra 30 days is KRW 58,500 (USD $57) according to top-up manual received at pickup points.
–  If you are paying vial PayPal, handling fee for top-up will be charged USD $5 in addition.

[ANNEX SIM BASIC for pickup]

* Credit expiry of ANNEX SIM BASIC for pickup is given 90 days from activating SIM.
– The minimum top-up amount is KRW10,000.
– Validity period is added 30 days per KRW10,000
– Download the “WHOMSIM” application from the Android, IOS app store
–Choose Language and Top Up
–Choose payment options
–Input your mobile phone number given A Mobile
–Choose Top-up amount
–Pay with your credit card
–That’s folk all
* Drop by Convenience Stores
– Available CVS points : GS25, CU
–Buy “WHOM Prepaid Top-Up Card”
–You will receive a receipt written PIN number 11 digits.
–You can top up with them using Apps or CALL(ARS).

*Case of using Apps
–Download “WHOMSIM” at the Google store or App store.
–Choose Home > top up > Voucher (Top-Up Card)
–Put given your phone number
–Put the 11-digit found on receipt of CVS.
–Choose Top-Up Button

*Case of using Call (ARS)
–Dial 080-800-1635
–Choose a language
–After the welcome message, press “1″ to top up.
–Enter the 11-digit found on your receipt of CVS.



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