What’s mobile self-authentication service?


Mobile Self-Authentication Service means real name verification using your Korean mobile phone number and birth date and name when you need to sign up for an internet site (i.e. where pay bills and Make purchases items) or verify your identity for your reference.
– It’s not possible for foreign passport holders to use Self-Authentication Service.
– Only a holder of Korean nationality ID (passport, ID card, driver’s license) or an alien registration card (ARC) can use it.

Related SIM Cards to support Mobile Self-Authentication Service
– MY SIM FREE A, B, S,100
– MY SIM Magic, Lite, Basic

How to use
– 1. Click button for mobile Self-Authentication Service from internet site.
– 2. Choose Mobile Service Provider and agree Terms & Conditions.
– 3. Put your name, birth date and mobile phone number.
– 4. Receive text message with 6-digit code.
– 5. Put 6-digit code to confirm self-authentication Service.

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