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Thank you very much to all our customers for sending in your comments and stories.

  • Thanks for your valuable information in your post. I booked SIM card from Neo Kosim. I collected the SIM card from the Incheon International airport. It is good company because I stayed three days and I did not have any trouble in communication.
    Nicolas G (France)
  • I want to firstly thank you for you service and support with the use of my SIM card on my recent visit to the S. Korea. I have to say I was very impressed. Getting the card was the best thing I could've done.
    Jessica P (USA)
  • I love your service - you have made my whole trip so much more successful. I've already recommended you to lots of friends and will be continuing to do so in future.
    Christine B(Canada)
  • Just got back from our trip and just want to thank you so much it worked perfectly … You really are the best thanks again I go away each year and from now on I will buy one from you just like I did this time. Thanks for a great service you don't know how much we appreciated your help.
    Catherine M (UK)
  • Thank you so much for the great customer service! It is always a pleasure doing business with you!

    Trav K (US)
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