Getting started with New Korea SIM Card

Let’s get started SIM with unlimited data plan!

1.Power off your phone    neokosim_ksim6

2.Switch  SIM  in your phone    neokosim_ksim1

3.Power on your phone   neokosim_ksim6

4.Go to the Setting in your phone’s menu     neokosim_ksim2

. Turn off WiFi    neokosim_ksim4
⋅  Turn off Airplane  neokosim_ksim3
⋅  Turn off Bluetooth neokosim_ksim7
⋅  Turn off data roaming mode
⋅  Turn on Cellular Data Network mode   neokosim_ksim5

5 Do Setting APN in your phone below :
⋅ Connection Name : KT
⋅ APN Name :
⋅ Server / MMSC : http : //
⋅ MCC : 450
⋅ MNC : 08

⋅  Tap here  if you are not sure how to use these settings.

6. See a signal?
Yes – Great, you can now enjoy your new Korea SIM card
No – If your phone is not locked,
you may want to check the coverage in your area and need to power off 3 times to connect the KT network.

When you inserted your SIM in your phone, what you’ll want to do is make sure that you have the right settings to get data/mobile internet and MMS (Multimedia-Messaging) and running.

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