Dear customers,

Information for IT system improvement, Attention,please!!!
There is an important notice for customers.
Currently, the Network of our sim card is served by the KT telecom which is the biggest telecommunication company in Korea.
They are planning to make a replacement work on their IT computing System as below.
As a result, if you pull out your sim card, the following problem will occur during their work.

 Details of IT System Upgrade of KT telecom
Subject :  Notice about next generation computer replacement work of KT telecom.
Company:  KT telecom
Duration : 23:00 03 Jun(Sat) – 09:00 06 Jun(Tue)

Guide   : For all customers using or picking our Sim card in this period,

.          Do not pull out the sim card from your using mobile phone during this time.

.          If do, your phone does not work when insert sim card again.

.          Never pull out your sim card during above period.

Sorry again in this inconvenience and late information.
We wish your warm understanding.
Best regards,
NeoKOSIM Customer Center

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