How to Recharge for Plus B, Lite

You can extend validity date of your SIM with following instructions while enjoying Plus B,Lite.
Try to do recharge you SIM as one of two options below.
By using Korea Bank Transfer in KRW
By using PayPal payment in USD
If Not recharged within 3 days after expired, SIM Service will be terminated automatically.

Recharge Prices

Unit : US$ and Korea Won, Surtax 10% included.
Plus B, 30-Day 37.7 39,600
Lite, 30-Day 34.7 36,300

Recharge in USD

Recharge in KRW and USD

You can order in Korean currency as follows.
Tap image below.
Place an order at its order sheet.
Check your email to get bank account or PayPal Payment.
Pay in Korea won via bank transfer to or
Pay in USD $ via PayPal Request.


How do I check balance and expiry date?
Press ” #00 ” at the phone calling APP.
Balance and expiry date are given as a text to your phone.
When does my SIM expire?
Expiry is counted including start date(SIM Activation Date).
e.g. In case of using 30 days plan,
Started Date and Time : Jan 1, 09:00 am
Expired Date and Time : Jan 30, 23:59 over

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