Does Your Phone Work In Korea?

How to find out if my phone is locked?
Method 1: General Method
1. Just Dial *#060# on your phone. Your phone’s IMEI number appears.

2. Call your carrier and ask them to confirm your phone’s status.
They’ll be able to tell you if your phone is unlocked and, if it isn’t, if it qualifies for unlocking.

Method 2: Using a Different Carrier’s SIM Card
1. Borrow a different carrier’s SIM card.

2. Power off your phone and switch another SIM card.
3. Turn the phone back on and try to make a call.
If you are unable to make the call and you’re certain that your phone is locked.

* Source of article above comes from Wikihow .

What size SIM do I need for my phone?
If you’re unsure if your phone is Regular or Micro, Nano SIM card, check your phone’s manual, the manufacturer website or GSM Arena.
Quick reference for Phone models that use currently a Nano SIM are in the following.
– Apple : iphone (5S, 6, 6S, 7,8,x) ~, ipad (2012~)
– Nexus 6(2014~)
– Samsung : Galaxy S8, S9~, A Series(A3, A4, A5, A7), Alpha, Note5, 8~
– LG (2015~) : LG V30~,V10~, LG5~
– Sony : Xperia Z3
– Lumia 1520
– Blackberry Classic
– HTC : Desire 610, 800, EYE / ONE E8, ONE M8

How to check my phone supports GSM network frequencies?
If you’re unsure what Network on your phone is supported, you are able to find all the information for your specific device via GSM Arena website.

Let us inform that your phone must support on one of GSM network frequencies as below.
– 4G LTE Bands: Band 1(2100MHz), Band 3(1800MHz), Band 8(900MHz)
– 3G Bands    : HSDPA 2100MHz/HSDPA+
– Korea SIM Card offered by us are not supported in CDMA, TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE Bands

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  • Meesun choi

    How about iPhone 10?
    Will it be work?

    • sunaerang

      iPhone 10 works well with the Korea sim cards such as KT DATA SIM Cards or ANNEX SIM Cards in the S. Korea.
      For more details >>>


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