Ace A for Pickup


Ace A can use Data only allowance.
Pick up SIM card at airport.
Rechargeable SIM card.
SIM Runs on reliable KT network.
SIM is powered by KT.
SIM Plan : Data Only
Offers data of 3GB and unlimited 5Mbps daily.
Supports Tethering and Hot Spot.
Supports all of Voice Talk Apps.
All of incoming calls are free.
Voucher for pickup
You will be sent a confirmation email with your voucher
included as an attachment, either in image or PDF format,
This is Voucher for collecting SIM cards.
Pickup Points
Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1,2
Gimpo Int’l Airport
Gimhae Int’l Airport
Busan Harbor International Passenger
Namdaemun Market,Exit 1, HoeHyeon Station
Order at least 24 hours in advance.
03-DAY : $14.06
05-DAY : $21.48  
10-DAY : $30.08
20-DAY : $47.37  
30-DAY : $55.86
Surtax 10% Included.


Payment in US$
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
Accept Bank Transfer from your country.
Payment in KRW : Bank Transfer
Accept Korean Bank Transfer via Kookmin Bank.
Payment in KRW : By Naver Pay
Accept all Korean Credit Cards in Smart Store.

Refunds & CS Support


If the pickup date has passed,
you have the option to reschedule the pickup date or receive a full refund.
The refund process for the SIM card starts immediately based on pickup status.
Refund method varies depending on the original payment method.
If credit or debit card was used,
the issuing bank will receive the refund within 5 business days of the cancellation request.
To verify when the amount will be credited to your account, contact the issuing bank of the card.

CS Support

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.
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