How to recharge for MY SIM FREE A and PLUS A


You can extend validity date of your SIM with following instructions while enjoying MY SIM FREE A and PLUS A. 

Try to recharge by using App below.

– Download “WHOMSIM” Apps from the Android Play Store.
– Open ” WHOMSIM” app on your phone & choose the language.

koeasim-a-recharge-01 – Choose “Top-up” on menu page.
– Choose “Global Credit Card” on menu page.
– Put your mobile phone number to check balance.
– Choose Top-up amount.

– Put credit card details to make a payment.


– After payment, you will receive text message about completed recharge.

Note that extension has to be made before expiry to avoid automatic termination.
Before you recharge, please ready to prepare your mobile number on using and global credit card.

– Extension can only be done once before expiry.
– Recharge amount per day is KRW 3,000.
– ex) To extend 3 days more, top-up amount is KRW 9,000 ( =3 days X KRW 3,000)
– It can be extended up to as below :
– 7/10/15-Day Plan; extendable up to 30 days from the first using date.

It’s recommended for you to buy a new one if it used up all of the data or would like to extend long period. It’s more economic for you to recharge when the data usage remains and you wish to extend only a short period of time.

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