Free 100, Plus B,C, Magic, Lite

Recharge Plan

Price Plan (up to US$ 20$, Special Hot Deal)
Free 100 US$ 53.33 (KRW 59,700)
Plus B US$ 33.00 (KRW 39,600)
Plus C US$ 20.83 (KRW 25,000)
Magic US$ 26.50 (KRW 31,800)
Lite US$ 30.25 (KRW 36,300)
Basic US$ 8.3 (KRW 10,000)
Surtax 10% Included.
You have to recharge before your expiry date.
If Not recharge within 3 days after expired,
SIM Service will be terminated automatically.
When user leaved Korea,
SIM Service will be suspended automatically.
Buy in KRW  
Tap image to recharge above.
Check your inbox and then,
Transfer in KRW to given neokosim’s bank account.
Buy in US$  
Tap SIM Plan below for recharge.
Plus B,   Plus C,  Magic,   Lite
Checking expiry of my SIM
Press ” #00 ” at the dialer APP in your phone,
Expiry date, the balance, data usages are informed via SMS messages.
Validity applies including its start date.
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