ACE A, Shipping


Local & Int’l Shipping are available.
Unlimited Data only Allowance.
Intentional & Local Call, Text are Not available.
5, 10, 30-day unit plan, Not extendable by recharge.
Runs on KT network and Powered by KT.

SIM Plan

Unlimited data Only
Basically, each daily, 3GB data of full speed.
After daily 3GB of usage, offers data at 5Mbps speed.
Support Hot Spot and Tethering.
Voice Talk Apps  is available.
Price Plan 
05-DAY Plan : US$ 21.52 (KRW 27,500)
10-DAY Plan : US$ 30.13 (KRW 34,650)
30-DAY Plan : US$ 55.96 (KRW 64,350)
Surtax 10% Included.
Shipping charge is excluded.

Buy Now

Buy in US$  
Pay with credit cards on PayPal.
Place an order as a guest if not have a PayPal account.
Credit card payments are processed Securely.
Online shop is certified PCI DSS compliant.
Learn more about PCI DSS, Tap here.
Buy in KRW  
Check your inbox and then,
Transfer in KRW to given neokosim’s bank account.
Buy in KRW for 5,10-DAY Plan
Place an order at its order sheet.
Pay in Korea won via All Korean Payment Options.
Buy in KRW for 30-DAY Plan
Place an order at its order sheet.
Pay in Korea won via All Korean Payment Options.

Service Details

Order for multiple quantities at once is possible,
Local shipping
Charge: US$ 3.8 (KRW 4,000)
Lead time: the next business day for orders before 4pm KST.
Int’l shipping
EMS  to US : US$ 24.88 (KRW 29,850)
Lead time: 14  to 21 business days.
EMS Premium to US : US$ 39.81 (KRW 43,800)
Lead time: at least 7 business days.
Weekends/Holiday off.
Getting Started
Turn your phone off.
Detach original SIM card and insert new one.
Turn your phone on.
Check KT LTE Signal by configuring automatically and Enjoy it!
Checking expire of my SIM
It is counted on SIM Card switching date and time.
1-Day(24Hr), 5-Day(120Hr), 10-Day (240Hr), 30-Day (720Hr)
e.g. In case of using 05 days plan,
Started Date and Time : Jan 1, 09:00 am
Expired Date and Time : Jan 6, 08:59 am
Amend, Cancel, Refund
Contact us promptly if you want to amend or cancel your order.
Once SIM Card opened, it is not refundable.
Refund of balance will be paid back by PayPal or Bank account.
Before Shipping : No cancellation fee
After Shipping Handling fee 10% will be charged.
30 days after purchase: Non-Refundable
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