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How to order my Korea SIM card?
* Korea SIM card is available to order online via :
– Website in English : https://neokosim.com
– Website store in English : https://neokosim.com/store
– Ecwid store in English : https://neokosim.ecwid.com

* Website in Korean : neokosim.modoo.at
Naver Smart Store in Korean Open Market ; NeoKOSIM

What is the difference between Free S, Free 100?
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Can I reuse an old Korea SIM card that was previously activated and ported out?
– No, you can’t.
– Once the account has been ported and if you leave Korea, used SIM card will be deactivated automatically
– and you can no longer use it.
– You’ll have to get a new Korea SIM Card.

Can I use this Korea SIM Card whilst staying in outside of Korea?
– No, you can’t.
– Because this Korea SIM Card is not supported roaming service in your country.
– You are able to use this Korea SIM Card only within Korea.

When can I get my own Korean mobile number after buying Korea SIM card?
– After purchasing most of Korea SIM Card via our Official online Store,
– You will be able to get your own mobile number when your Korea SIM card is activated after arrival in Korea as for Free 100, Plus B, Plus C, Magic, Lite, Basic.
– In case of purchasing Free S Korea SIM Card, you will get your own mobile number prior to arrival in Korea so that you can use it immediately upon arriving in Korea.

How long can I use my Korea SIM Card?
* In case of activating SIM card with foreign passport,
– you can use the same number for up to 90 days. (This provisions is waving temporarily due to CIVID19 until further notice.)
* In case of activating SIM card with Korean Passport/ Korean ID/Korean Drive License/ARC(Certificate of Alien Registration),
– there’s no limit to use the same number for more than 90 day.

How to use the same number for more than 90 days when activating with a foreign passport?
* Yes, absolutely.
– With your ARC Card issued in Korea Immigration Service, you are able to use same number for more than 90 days by changing the data from passport to ARC Card.
* What you must do is as follows.
– It’s free of charge.
– Required documents : Copy of ARC(front & back) and foreign passport.

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