Recharge A, C

Special Discount.
We provide “Ace A, C SIM” 30, 60, 90days user with 50% discount for adding 30 more days.
Try to recharge as follows.
– visit website
– Click Prepaid SIM.
– Choose Voice Top Up or Extension of Expiration date.– Agree Terms and Condition
– Enter the contract number (9-digit).
– Choose Phone Number.
– Choose the amount to recharge.
– Make a payment by using your credit card.
– You are needed to recharge your credit as following instruction at pickup points.
– If you want to use more for Calls and Text continuously when used up all of it or if you want to extend expiry date (using period) for data.
– After expiry date, you can’t recharge or reuse your SIM Card.
– Please keep in mind that there is no way to recover after expiry.
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