How to recharge for SIM Free 100, Magic, Basic, Plus C.


Recharge Amount is as follows.
– SIM FREE 100 : USD 56.85 (KRW 59,700)
– SIM Magic : USD 30.29 (KRW 31,800)
– SIM BASIC : USD 9.5 (KRW 10,000)
– SIM PLUS C : USD 23.80 (KRW 25,000)

You can extend validity date of your SIM with following instructions while enjoying  FREE 100,  Magic, Plus C, Basic.

Try to do recharge you SIM as one of two options below.

1. By using PayPal payment
* You are able to recharge it on its web page.
– Visit SIM Free 100 or SIM Magic or Basic, Plus C.
– Choose 30-Day Recharge in order sheet and write the using phone number in order notes.
– Make a payment and That’s all folk.

2. By using Korea Bank Transfer
* You are able to recharge it by Korea Bank Transfer.
Contact us immediately.

You are needed to recharge your credit for each 30-day extension as following instruction given.
If Not recharged within 3 days after expired, SIM Service will be terminated automatically.
Foreigners are able to use up to 90 days only by recharging from starting date.
In order to check my validity, Dial #00 and then you will receive text message about date of expiry.koeasim-c-recharge-01 Note that extension has to be made before expiry to avoid automatic termination.

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