Refund, Cancel, Amend for Korea SIM Card


How Do I Cancel or Amend my order after purchasing Korea SIM Cards?
– Contact us by tapping on Kakao channel image or send email promptly as follows if you want to amend or cancel your order.

How do I get a Refund after purchasing Korea SIM Cards??
Refund policy of Korea SIM Cards for pickup and shipping are as following.
– Once SIM Card opened, it is not refundable.
– Refund of balance will be paid back by PayPal or Bank account.
– According to Order Status, it is subjected to following our policy.

* When Shipping
– Before Shipping : No cancellation fee
– After Shipping Handling fee 10% will be charged.
– 30 days after purchase: Non-Refundable

* When Pickup
– Before the pickup date: fully refunded
– After pickup date : pickup date is amendable or 90% amount of the total paid price (10% handling fee) will be refunded.

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