Getting Started

Try to do as follows in order to be successfully connected to KT network.
Start by inserting the SIM card into your phone.
Detach the SIM card from its holder.
Insert it into your phone.
Turn your phone on.
Check KT LTE Signal and Enjoy it!
Setting configures the correct data APN automatically.

Troubleshooting Tips

Let’s see more details of troubles when switching new Korea SIM.
Trouble 1 : No Connection as No Service
Try to do as follows.
1. Power OFF 2 ~3 times in succession.
2. Check KT Signal.


Trouble 2 : Calls and Texts is Connected, KT LTE is Not connected.
Try to do KT APN Settings below according to your phone’s model.
Trouble 3 : No Connection as No SIM
It is defective SIM.
Contact us immediately and we will exchange it for you.


Other Troubles
If you meet other connection troubles, contact us immediately by tapping on Kakao channel image below.
If you want to contact us by email, Tap here.
Contact Us

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