Recharge for Shipping 

You can recharge your sim card in Korea won or US dollars.
It’s able to recharge in USD with global credit card.
Also You can recharge in Korean Won(KRW) by bank transfer.
You can get KRW 1,000 discount if you recharge it with Korean won.
You have to recharge before your expiry date.
If Not recharge after expired, your SIM will be terminated.
When you leaved Korea,your SIM will be terminated.
Surtax 10% Included.

Recharge : Ace C Plus, eSIM B Plus 

Recharge Amount : US$ 34.28 (KRW 36,000) for 30 days
It can be recharged every KRW 11,000 when used up Voice within expiry date.
Surtax 10% included.
Payment in Korean Won
Connect @linkkorea in search bar at
Put phone NBR, Name, Recharge amount.
Account : SINHAN BANK 140-012-560107
Account Holder Name: LinkKorea
Payment in USD
Connect @linkkorea in search bar at
Put phone NBR, Name, email, Recharge amount.
Payment Request will be received via email.
make a payment.

Recharge for Pickup : eSIM B, Ace A & C

How to Recharge
Visit website
Select Extension or SIM Voice Top-Up.
Enter Phone NBR or contract number.
Choose recharge Amount.
Make a payment.
Special Offer
As for the customers who purchased Prepaid SIM(Ace A)/Prepaid Data SIM(Ace C) 30days plans, they’re able to get 50% Special discount for adding each 30 more days.
Order till 31 Dec 2023 (KST).
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