Pickup Points

KT Pickup Points
Relevant Products is as follows.
SIM Plan : Ace A, Ace C, Ace C Plus
Pocket WiFi : WiFi Router
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KT MVNO Pickup Points
It will open soon.

Getting Started

General plastic SIM
Detach the SIM card from its holder.
Insert it into your phone.
Turn your phone on.
Check KT LTE Signal and Enjoy it!
Setting configures the correct data APN automatically.
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Open the Camera app and scan the eSIM QR code.
Tap Cellular in the Setting and Add Cellular Plan.
Scan QR code and Click on ‘Add Cellular Plan.
Set your Primary Default Line for Calls, SMS, Mobile Data.
Turn off ‘Allow cellular switching’.
Reboot the device 1-2 times.
Check ‘SKT’ LTE Signal and Enjoy it!
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APN Setting

KT APN Setting
SKT APN Setting
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