eSIM B for Pickup


This eSIM B offers unlimited data and Voice.

Price : 10% OFF
05-DAY : $27.93  ($30.08)
10-DAY : $35.66  ($38.67)
20-DAY : $51.13  ($55.86)
30-DAY : $58.87  ($64.45)
Surtax 10% Included.
eSIM B for travel to Korea can use Data and Voice.
Pick up eSIM QR code at airport with voucher.
Scan your QR code and connect instantly.
Keep your original SIM.
eSIM Runs on reliable KT network.
eSIM is powered by KT.
Order for SIM pickup at least 24 hours in advance.
Order for multiple QTY at once is possible,
One person can use one line.
Check Refund Policy for eSIM.
SIM Plan : Data
Offers data of 3GB and unlimited 5Mbps daily.
Supports Tethering and Hot Spot.
Supports all of Voice Talk Apps.
SIM Plan : Calls and SMS
Overseas & Local Calls, Texts are available.
KRW 11,000 has been recharged for call and text usage.
Recharged KRW11,000 can be used as follows :
Local Call : up to 42 Mins, or Local SMS : up to 100 Texts.
Incoming Call & Text are for free.
When using calls, texts for outbound, balance will be deducted.
You have to scan QR code within 60 days from receiving it.
Once QR code is scanned, No longer it can use on other device.
eSIM can be installed only one time.
Don’t delete your eSIM Profile after installation on your device.
New QR Code will not be provided if you delete the initial eSIM Profile.
If you are currently using another Korea eSIM, you can’t use this eSIM in duplicate.
Mobile Self-Authentication Service
Service available only for 30-day products.
For foreigners: Only persons holding an ARC or domestic residence cards are eligible to use the service.
For Koreans: Service not available.
Gimhae Int’l Airport
Apply for the service at the pickup location.
Required documents: ARC or residence card, passport, application form (available on-site)
Voucher for pickup
You will be sent a confirmation email with your voucher
included as an attachment, either in image or PDF format,
This is Voucher for collecting SIM cards.
Pickup for SIM Card
Pickup Points are as follows :
Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1,2
Gimpo Int’l Airport
Gimhae Int’l Airport
Busan Harbor International Passenger


Payment in US$ : By PayPal
Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
Accept Bank Transfer from your country.
Payment in KRW : By Bank Transfer
Accept Korean Bank Transfer.
Payment in KRW : By Naver Pay
Accept all Korean Credit Cards in Smart Store.


How can i check my credit balance and expiry date?

Validity Starts from activating eSIM (Date and Time).
1-Day(24Hr), 5-Day(120Hr), 10-Day (240Hr), 30-Day (720Hr)
e.g. In case of using 05 days plan, Started Date and Time : Jan 1, 09:00 am
Expired Date and Time : Jan 6, 08:59 am
Visit at this webpage.
Select either Extension or SIM Voice Top-Up (Recharge).
Enter Phone Number or Contract number.
Choose recharge Amount.
Make a payment.
Special Offer
As for the customers who purchased 30days plans,
they’re able to get 50% Special discount for adding each 30 more days.
Order till 30 June 2024 (KST).
Related SIM cards : Ace A, Ace C, eSIM B.

What are the rates for overseas and local call, text?

Local Rates
Local Call : KRW 4.4/Sec
Local SMS : KRW 110/EA
Credit KRW11,000 can be used is as below.
Local Call : up to 42 Mins, or
Local SMS : up to 100 Texts
Overseas Rates
USA, Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore : KRW 15.84 /sec
Australia: KRW 21.56 /Sec
SMS  : KRW 110/EA
LMS  : KRW 330/EA
MMS : KRW 660/EA

How do I recharge my SIM Card?

After expiry date, user can’t recharge or reuse SIM.

How do I get a Refund for a SIM Card?

Non-refundable Cases :
When receiving or scanning QR code.
When your phone is locked.
When KT eSIM works on only 3G Signal due to your phone doesn’t support LTE.
Fully Refunded Case :
Before receiving or scanning QR code.
The refund process for the SIM card starts immediately based on QR code status.
Refund method varies depending on the original payment method.
If credit or debit card was used,
the issuing bank will receive the refund within 5 business days of the cancellation request.
To verify when the amount will be credited to your account, contact the issuing bank of the card.
Contact us promptly if you want to amend or cancel your order.

How can I get in touch with NeoKOSIM's customer support?

Contact us promptly if you want to amend or cancel your order.
Open Live Chat : Kakao channel
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