The present general terms and conditions (hereinafter “GTC”) apply to all legal transactions made through http://www.neokosim.com
NeoKOSIM reserves the right to change these GTC at any time.
The version of the GTC valid at the time of order placement applies and may not be changed unilaterally for the respective order.
Adverse or conflicting terms of the customer will not be recognised.


2.1. Prepaid Korea SIM Card & Korea Pocket WiFi Rental
NeoKOSIM rents out Prepaid Korea SIM Card & Pocket WiFi with 4G/LTE Internet Connection speed. The included data while the rental duration is unlimited.
NeoKOSIM reserves the right to interrupt the internet connection in case of malpractice and massive data consumption.

2.2. Online Booking and Registration
The customer must register to use NeoKOSIM services. The registration takes place directly from the web browser under http://www.neokosim.com .
To register for our services, one has to provide the following information: First name, Last name, Nationality, Address of shipment, An email address, which will be checked and used as the “login” to our website, A password (your passwords are hashed in our databases, we do not have access to them, A mobile phone number, which can be used as a form of authentification in case of password loss).

2.3 Prepaid SIM Card & Pocket WiFi ENGAGEMENTS
NeoKOSIM shall use reasonable endeavours to provide Customer a quality of service. However NeoKOSIM does not guarantee that the service won’t be interrupted, furnished on due time, safe or fault-free.
Risks with respect to regular wear and tear, will be assumed by NeoKOSIM, which will promptly repair the damages which materially impairs the function of the Equipment and/or replace the Equipment.

In using the Equipment or Services provided by NeoKOSIM, the Customer must not engage in any action:
– that is abusive, illegal or fraudulent;
– that causes the Network to be impaired or damaged;
– that modify the purpose of the prepaid sim card or pocket wifi

The Customer shall:
reasonably protect the Equipment against the risk of destruction, damage, and/or loss through, theft, etc.; maintain the Equipment in an orderly and functional state not remove any item from it (change the Korea SIM Card).

Upon termination of the Agreement, the Customer shall promptly, return the Equipment to the delivery address within South Korea specified by NeoKOSIM. The Customer shall return the Equipment in its original state. If Customer fails to do so, NeoKOSIM may, as its option, debit the security deposit or a part of it in order to repair such damage. When claim is employed, NeoKOSIM notifies the Customer within two (2) weeks from the return of the Equipment.

When Customer is in breach of its obligations under this Sec. 2.4, NeoKOSIM may suspend the Customer’s use of the Service. NeoKOSIM will notify Customer as soon as reasonably practicable the suspension.
During any period of suspension, Customer shall continue to pay all Charges due under this Agreement in respect of the suspended Services.

The service contract between NeoKOSIM and the customer takes place with the registration at the NeoKOSIM website https://www.neokosim.com and with the following assumptions by NeoKOSIM:

Our mobile hotspots may be rented by the customer for a specified number of days and requires the customer to pay a daily rental fee from the date of the online rental start, to the date of return. Date of return means the date where you either bring it back to the drop-off points. The contract ends as soon as the customer returns the rented Prepaid SIM Card or pocket Wifi hotspot after the end of the rental period.


The payment of NeoKOSIM services is made by credit card or Paypal.
Our website is SSL Secured by Alpha SSL.

NeoKOSIM states all Charges inclusive of VAT, unless specified otherwise.

If the customer reasonably and in good faith disputes an invoice or part of it, Customer shall notify NeoKOSIM of such dispute within 12 days of receipt of the invoice, providing details of why the invoiced amount is incorrect and, if possible, how much the customer considers is due.

NeoKOSIM requires a reasonable security, such as a credit card guarantee, from the customer upon conclusion of the Agreement for claims under Sec. 4.3.

The customer shall not be entitled to set off any of its claims against claims of Neo KOSIM, except where the customer’s claims are undisputed or have been confirmed by final court judgment.

The customer is solely responsible for all loss or damage to the equipment during the rental period. For the case of loss or damage of each device a deposit of credit cardfor a KT Prepaid SIM/KT WiFi Router must be secured and is retained in the event of a claim. In case of a claim, the following amounts will be used:
KT Prepaid SIM/KT WiFi Router : Full loss or device loss: USD 100 – Charger: USD 15 – Cable: USD 15
KT Prepaid SIM/KT WiFi Router : Full loss or device loss: USD 10

5. PickUp & Drop-off Points
KT Prepaid SIM/KT WiFi Router can be collected and dropped off at the following:

5.1 Incheon international airport
5.3 Gimpo International Airport
5.4 Busan International Airport
5.5 Busan Harbor International Passenger Terminal

All data provided by customers during the rental and usage of the KT Prepaid SIM/KT WiFi equipment and KT MVNO will be protected corresponding to the relevant terms of privacy regarding customer data.
All customers provided data saved by NeoKOSIM, will be explicitly used for purposes of contractual fulfillment and to inform the customer about products related to their contractual agreement.
In this regard the customer agrees explicitly, that they approve and agree to the mailing of such information, also for marketing purposes and in electronic form, e.g. via email.
A revocation of consent may be served at any time, but must be made in writing to NeoKOSIM, stating the affected email addresses.
All of our customers data is subject to the South Korea’s Privacy Guidelines by Telecommunication Service Provider enacted by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

NeoKOSIM is not responsible for detriments arising as a result,
that the proposed service is not or not constantly available, unless NeoKOSIM must take responsibility for damages as a result of serious negligence.
NeoKOSIM provides no guarantee for the constant availability of the relevant services of NeoKOSIM.
NeoKOSIM will use its best efforts to ensure that the availability of the respective services provided reach the greatest possible level of service; particularly NeoKOSIM will exchange defective KT Prepaid SIM/KT WiFi devices immediately, and will not settle for days or periods of non-usability.

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