Offer Unlimited LTE Data only.
Daily for both LTE speeds on 3GB full speed + 5Mbps unlimited.
No Drop-off
Runs on a nationwide LTE full speeds of KT network.
Pick up SIM from Incheon airports in Korea.
Good for short trips by the day to the S. Korea.
Voice Talk Apps like Whatapp etc is available.
Free incoming call, text
Support Hot Spot and Tethering.

Save 10% OFF!

Data Plan Price
1-DAY 6.0
5-DAY 22.5
10-DAY 31.5
30-DAY 58.5
Unit : US$, Surtax 10% Included.
If you have Promo Code for an event,
Go to “Hot Deal” page -> Click Here!
Choose plan and then
Put promo code in Hot Deal page.

Order in US$

1 Step 1
Customer Details
Nationalitye.g South Korea
First Name
Last Name
Goods Details
Pickup Date
Order Notes
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Order productQtyTotal
MY SIM ACE A Pickup[field60][field48*field60]

Order in KRW

User can order in Korean currency as follows.
Tap image below.
Place an order at its order sheet.
Check user’s email to get bank account.
Pay in Korea won via bank transfer to bank account.

Order @ Naver Shop

User can order at Korean Open Market as follows.
Order for 5,10-DAY by tapping below.
Order for 30-DAY by tapping below.
Place an order at each its order sheet.
Pay in Korea won via All Korean Payment Options.

Purchasing Process

1. Order
2. Pickup
3.Getting Started


1.  Order

Order at least 24 hours prior to pick up SIM.
Available for Multi-Qty Purchase
Only one person can be used one line.
Make sure that Phone should be unlocked.
Order Confirmation mail with voucher will be received on working hours when payment has cleared.
Working hours : open 09:00 ~ 21:00 KST all the year

2.  Pickup

Required Documents :
Voucher and Passport or Korean ID/Drive License
Pickup points A is as follows.
Incheon International Airport Terminal 1
Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
Link Korea, Hongdae Station, Seoul Line No 2 (09:00 ~ 18:00, Mon~Fri)

3. Getting Started

Start by inserting the SIM card into your phone.
Detach the SIM card from its holder.
Insert it into your phone.
Turn your phone on.
Check KT LTE Signal and Enjoy it!
Setting configures the correct data APN automatically.


When does my SIM expire?
It is counted on SIM Card switching date and time.
1-Day(24Hr), 5-Day(120Hr), 10-Day (240Hr), 30-Day (720Hr)
e.g. In case of using 05 days plan,
Started Date and Time : Jan 1, 09:00 am
Expired Date and Time : Jan 6, 08:59 am

Amend, Cancel and Refund

Contact us promptly if you want to amend or cancel your order.
Once SIM Card opened, it is not refundable.
Refund of balance will be paid back by PayPal or Bank account.
According to Order Status, it is subjected to following our policy.
Before the pickup date: fully refunded.
After pickup date : pickup date is amendable or 90% amount of the total paid price will be refunded.(10% handling fee)

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact us by tapping on Kakao channel image below.
If you want to contact us by email, Tap here.
Contact Us

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