Best Korea SIM Card for Data & Calls, “KT Prepaid SIM”

  • Unlimited 4G LTE Data & Calls Service with Local phone Number, Never Recharge again!
  • No More Search for Wi-Fi Zone!
  • Simple SIM-Swap and Immediate Connecting!


Pass(Credit Expiry) Promotional Price
5-Day(120 hours) for Data Only 27,500 KRW
10-Day(240 hours) for Data Only 38,500 KRW
30-Day (720 hours) for Data Only 71,500 KRW
Surtax 10% included.
You will pay Data Pass price and deposit by global credit card only when you pick it up.
You should return SIM and will pay usage charges for used Local/Int’l calls & Text messages when you leave Korea.
This is the best choice to long-term travelers want to over 30 days that’s why there are no need to re-collect or return SIM during using period.
SIM Card Credit Expiry
You will collect activated SIM already.
SIM Card Credit Expiry is exactly counted based on collecting date.
e.g. in case of purchasing 5-Day Pass for KT Prepaid SIM
Start Date and Time : July 1, 09:00 (Collect Date)
Expire Date and Time : July 5, 24:00
What Price is going to when use over 30 Days
e.g., In case of using period is 33 days,
You will pay 99,000KRW at the pickup location,
as the total price is the sum of 30 days pass(71,500KRW) and 5 days pass(27,500KRW).
Tethering Support  & Data Speeds
You can share the internet connection with other devices via tethering.
You can surf with 4G LTE, an Internet upload and download speed up to 5 Mbps.


Local Call & Text Messages
Call 1.98 KRW/sec
SMS 22 KRW/sent
LMS 33 KRW/sent
MMS 220 KRW/sent
Surtax 10% included
* Surtax 10% included, free incoming calls
Surtax 10% included
Surtax 10% included
* Charges only applies when used calls or messages.
Surtax 10% included
International Call & Text Message
China 1.1KRW/sec Japan 3.0 KRW/sec
Singapore 7.8 KRW/sec Hong Kong 1.3 KRW/sec
Vietnam 2.4 KRW/sec USA 1.2 KRW/sec
Canada 7.8 KRW/sec Germany 6.3 KRW/sec
Australia 7.9KRW/sec SMS 110KRW/sent
LMS 330KRW/sent MMS 660KRW/sent
Surtax 10% included
* Surtax 10% included, Free incoming calls
Surtax 10% included
Surtax 10% included
* How to use Int’l calls : Dial 00345 + country code + phone number.
Surtax 10% included

Order Process

1. Place an Order
Order should be required 2 days in advance.
As a guest, you can do order without registering.
Check your phone details as below.
Unlocked Phone?
Phone’s Compatibility?
SIM Size?
Customers using phone activated in USA, Canada, Japan, have to make sure that your phone should be unlocked before placing your order.
How to order in case of multiple QTY with Nano & Micro type?
Choose one pass of them in the product list.
Enter the number of item in the quantity field.
Choose SIM type two times, Nano first and then Hybrid.
Put it down in the order note, e.g. Nano 1, Hybrid 1.
2. Confirm & Get Voucher
After placing an order, you will receive confirmation mail with the downloadable pdf-voucher.
Click “download Voucher” in your confirmation mail.
Take a picture on your phone or print it out (on PC).
Take a screenshot on your phone (on Mobile).
You should show your voucher to collect SIM at the pickup points.
If you didn’t receive confirmation email, please check your spam or junk email folder or notify us by email (
3. Collect SIM & Make a payment at Pickup Points
Say ‘ Collect KT Prepaid SIM for data & voice’
Show your Voucher & passport.
You will pay data price for your using period and deposit by global credit card only.
As soon as collecting your SIM at the pickup points, check if your phone works or not.
If your phone does not work, contact staffs directly at the pickup points please.
Required Documents : Passport & Voucher
4. Get back SIM at Return Points
When used calls or text message, usage charges for it is calculated and you will pay it by global credit card.
If you don’t return it, your sim will be expired (suspended) automatically and you shall be charged additionally for all of your calls and text messages to your given credit card.
SIM has to be returned at the Return points before checking security.
5. Language Option
To learn more details, Tap national flag!

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Visit our webpage : Review > Product Review on menu
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Leave your Review to the comment.
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Order Now !

1 Step 1
Customer Details
First Name
Last Name
Rental Period
Pickup Date
Return Date

Rental Period : [Field46  - Field45+1] Days, Choose Order Products!

Rental Details
Order Notes
0 /
I confirm that my own phone is unlocked.
With regard to your phone currently in use, ever used other company’s SIM in Korea?
I agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy.

Checking your Phone

Unlocked Phone?
To enjoy KT Prepaid SIM (Data+Voice) in Korea, you must have an unlocked phone.
To find out if your phone is unlocked, Tap Here !
SIM Size?
The KT Prepaid SIM (Data + Voice) is available in two SIM sizes of nano and hybrid(standard/micro).
If you’re unsure which size you need, Tap Here!
Compatible Phone?
Your phone must support on one of GSM N/W frequencies below.
4G Bands : Band1(2100MHz), Band3(1800MHz), Band8(900MHz)
3G Bands : HSDPA 2100MHz/HSDPA+
Not Supported TD-SCDMA,TD-LTE Bands
To find out if your phone is compatible, Tap Here!

How to extend additional using period

You can use your SIM with same local phone number continuously, if you want to extend it, without returning and re-collecting it.
Feel free contact and advice us with additional using period you want at least two days advance.
According to your additional using period, you will pay for additional data price in advance and calls charges calculated what you used calling or text message by credit or check card only.

Pickup & Return Points

Incheon International Airport
KT Roaming Center, in the Arrival Hall(1F)
Open 24 Hours all the year
Beside Gate 10 : Pickup at 06:00 ~ 22:00
Beside Gate   6 : Pickup at 22:00 ~ 06:00
Hongik KT Agency Office
Hongik Univ. Station(Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit 2)
Link Korea, KT Sinchon Building 4F, 157-1, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Open 09:00 ~ 18:00 all the year
To find out more pickup points’ details,

Getting Started

Ready to Activate for Self-Care !
Power off your phone
Switch KT Prepaid SIM in your phone
Power on your phone
Go to the Setting in your phone’s menu
Turn off WiFi , Airplane, Bluetooth, data roaming mode
Turn on Cellular Data Network mode
Do Setting KT APN in your phone below
Connection Name : KT
APN Name :
Server / MMSC : http : //
MCC : 450 , MNC : 08
If you are not sure how to use these settings,  Tap Here!
See a signal?
Yes : Great, you can now activate your SIM card
No : If your phone is not locked, you may want to check the coverage in your area and need to power off 3 times to connect the KT network.
When you inserted your SIM in your phone, what you’ll want to do is make sure that you have the right settings to get data/mobile internet and running.
As soon as collecting your SIM at the pickup points, check if your phone does work or not.
If your phone does not work, please contact staffs directly at the pickup points.


Review of Breakdown

Worth vs. Price
Simple, Easy to use & pick up
Reliable Mobile Network



User Rating: 4.85 ( 9 votes)

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