Dear Customers!
Do you remember our 2016 Autumn Event?
This event has extended until 31 December 2016, thanks to the ardent support of customers!
Thank you!

We are offering Up To 15% all Korea SIM Card for data only (Prepaid Data SIM)  during our Special Winter Event 2016.

1. Promo Coupon Code
* Promo Coupon Code: neokosim10s
–  05-day Pass 25 USD -> 22.50USD (10% Off)
* Promo Coupon Code : neokosim15s
–  10-day Pass 34 USD  -> 28.90USD (15% Off)
–  30-day Pass 64 USD  -> 54.40USD (15% Off)

2. How to use Coupon Code
1)  Choose Data Pass (5, 10, 30 Days) in the product list below.
2) Click here to enter your code in the “Have a coupon?”
3) Enter your code and Click “Apply Coupon” Button.
* Note : Please Enter in the order (from 1 to 3)
to avoid error message : “Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to your cart contents.”

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