How can I do SKT APN Setting when using Korea eSIM?

* Some eSIM data plans might require you to change the SKT APN settings.
– Go to Settings.
– Tap on Mobile Data.
– Select your eSIM data plan
– Tap on Mobile Data Network
– Change the APN name as required below (Refer to image).

– APN :

– APN :

3. MMS
– APN :
– MMSC :
– MMS Proxy :

– APN :
– Other fields are optional.

*. After finishing the steps above, you have successfully installed the eSIM.
-. Unless you are at your desired destination to use the eSIM yet, you can turn off the data plan for now.
-. Turn it back on once you have landed, the eSIM will automatically be activated and your smartphone will be connected to the mobile internet network.



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