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Free S, Korea SIM card offers 10GB at late full speed and 2GB everyday and Local, overseas calling service.

30-DAY Plan : ($53.91(KRW 62,000)
Special Offer : $43.48 (KRW 50,000)
Free S has to be started before April 13 2024.
Free S sold out.
Surtax 10% Included.
Shipping Charges Excluded.
Order in US$


Make sure your phone is unlocked.
Check the Guide of SIM Activation.
Check Paid Local Call Numbers.
Order for multiple QTY at once is possible,
but Only one person can use one line.
SIM Size  : 3-in 1 (Nano,Micro,Regular)


You can use your SIM immediately from instant arrival in Korea.
Korean Phone Number is given before entering the Korea.
SIM Free S is suitable for Visitors who plan to stay in Korea within 30 days.
Local (Korea) & Overseas Shipping is available.
Non-Rechargeable SIM.
SIM Service Runs on reliable KT network.
This is Powered by KT MVNO.
SIM Plan
Data  : 10GB + 2GB/Day
Basically 10GB of data is offered.
After usage 10GB, extra 2GB is offered daily.
After 2GB of usage, Unlimited data at 3Mbps speeds is given.
Support Hot Spot and Tethering
Voice Talk Apps  is available.
Talk & Text :
Unlimited local Call, Text are offered.
Paid Call NBR are excluded from unlimited local calling service.
All Incoming call, text are available for free.

The Top 5 FAQs

1. How can I do SIM Activation?

Your personal details replied by email is registered before entering the Korea.
You can use your SIM immediately from instant arrival in Korea.
SIM starting info will be notified by SMS when switching SIM into your phone.

2. Is it possible to use Mobile Self-Authentication?

Service of Self-Authentication is supported only for Korean not Foreigners in accordance with the policy of the Korean accredited certification authority.

3. What’s Paid Call Number Service?

Paid Call NBR are excluded from unlimited calling service.
15xx, 16xx, 02-15xx,02-16xx, 050, 060, 013, video call.
If user uses Paid Call NBRs, expiry date of using SIM can be reduced.

4. How do I get started my New SIM Card?

Insert new SIM into your phone .
Check KT LTE Signal and Enjoy it!
Contact us immediately, what if SIM is not working,

Refund & Contact us

Once SIM Card opened, it is not refundable.
Refund will be done back by PayPal or Bank account.
Before Shipping : No cancellation fee
After Shipping Handling fee 10% will be charged.
30 days after purchase: Non-Refundable
Contact Points
Contact us promptly if you want to amend or cancel your order.
Open Live Chat : Kakao channel
Contact Us

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