What is enhanced security certificated, PCI DSS and SSL?

We have been newly reorganized our website to customer forcused design below as of Feb 1 2022.
1. Enhanced Security Certificates
We provide SSL(Security Socket Layer) if you place an order at online shop.
This means data passing between you and our website – such as payment details – is encrypted, keeping it safe from hackers.
You also don’t have to worry about PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance,
because online shop is certified PCI DSS compliant.
This means you can securely process credit card payments when ordering at online shop.
2. Reliable Performance and Ease of Use on E-commerce Platform
Our online shop appears to have pretty impressive uptime 
the amount of time online shop is up and running and can track system status to check if they have experiencing any issues.
It is also for user to use.
3. You are easily available ready to hand when ordering on online shop.
Global online shopping mall tool and features are supported :
Order tracking and checking status.
Customer Account Management, Shopping Cart, multi-language for product details.
Various Shipping and Payment options, digital products such as e-SIM.
Customer tailored store menu – such as New, Recharge, Featured, Pickup SIM.
We always endeavor to please our customers. TIA
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