Rechargeable Korea SIM Card


  • High speeds 4G LTE on Nationwide KT Network
  • Rechargeable SIM provided Local phone number
  • Economical Rates for calls and data
  • Simple SIM-Swap and No need to return SIM
  • Pick it up Only at Hongik KT Agency in Seoul


  • Tethering is available.
  • Limited Local Calls, Text and Data are available.
  • Available for Int’l calls and texts
  • Available for Voice Talk by using Skype, LINE..etc.
  • Service Provider : EG Mobile KT MVNO


Price Top-up Amount
USD27(~KRW30,000) USD35(~KRW40,000)
Credit expiry is given 90 days from activating SIM.
Top-up amount is added bonus KRW10,000(~USD9).
Surtax 10% included,
Is it possible to extend using period?

Charges for Calls and Texts

International Call & Text Message
China 1.1KRW/sec Japan 3.0 KRW/sec
Singapore 7.8 KRW/sec Hong Kong 1.3 KRW/sec
Vietnam 2.4 KRW/sec USA 1.2 KRW/sec
Canada 7.8 KRW/sec Germany 6.3 KRW/sec
Australia 7.9KRW/sec SMS 110KRW/sent
LMS 330KRW/sent MMS 660KRW/sent
To see more regional rates details, Tap region below!
Surtax 10% included.
Free incoming calls
How to use Int’l calls : Dial 00345 + country code + phone number
Data, Local Call & Text Messages
Data 20.48 KRW/MB
Call 1.98 KRW/sec
SMS 22 KRW/sent
LMS 33 KRW/sent
MMS 220 KRW/sent
Surtax 10% included.
Free incoming calls
Available Usage 
e.g, In case top-up amount is KRW40,000(~USD35), you can use calls, data or text messages as below.
Data : up to 1.95 GB, Or
Local Call : up to 336 Min, Or
Local SMS/LMS/MMS : 1,818/1,212/182 Sent, Or
Int’l call : Refer to national rates
4G LTE Data Speeds : Up to 140 Mbps

Order Process

1. Place an Order
You need to order at least 24 hours prior to collect SIM.
Please check 3 points on your phone before ordering.
Unlocked Phone?/ Phone’s Compatibility?/SIM Size?
This SIM Card is good for foreign visitors only.
If in Korean nationality, you should have permanent resident card or student visa.
2. Make a Payment
After booking, you will receive ‘Payment Request’ e-mail through PayPal.
You can pay with PayPal account or Global Credit card :Visa, Master American Express, Discover.
You can pay with your credit card as a guest on the PayPal Page if you don’t have PayPal account.
3. Receive an e-Voucher
After payment, you will receive confirmation mail with e-Voucher.
If you didn’t receive confirmation email, please check your spam or junk email folder or notify us by email, tap here!.
You should bring your voucher to collect pocket WiFi at the pickup points.
4. Collect & Activate SIM
Required Documents : e-Voucher & passport, ARC.
Activate SIM with your real name and get local phone number.
It takes about 30 mins.
You might wait at least 1 or 2 days to use SIM when happened to delay in delivering immigration records on foreign visitors from Korea Immigration IT Service.

Order Now !

1 Step 1

Customer Details

Nationalitye.g South Korea
First Name
Last Name
I confirm that my own phone is unlocked.

Service Details

Service Start Date
I agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy.

Checking My Phone

Unlocked Phone?
To enjoy Prepaid SIM (Data+Voice) in Korea, you must have an unlocked phone.
To find out if your phone is unlocked, Tap Here !
In case of coming from USA or Canada or Japan, please have to check whether your phone is unlocked or not.
SIM Size?
The Prepaid SIM (Data + Voice) is available in two SIM sizes nano and hybrid(standard/micro).
If you’re unsure which size you need, Tap Here!
Compatible Phone?
Your phone must support on one of GSM N/W frequencies below.
4G Bands : Band1(2100MHz), Band3(1800MHz), Band8(900MHz)
3G Bands : HSDPA 2100MHz/HSDPA+
Not Supported TD-SCDMA,TD-LTE Bands
To find out if your phone is compatible, Tap Here!

About Payment, Using Period, Voucher, etc.

How to Pay?
Even if you don’t have PayPal account, you can do pay on the PayPal Page as below.
Choose “Pay with my credit or debit card” instead “Log in”.
Fill in your billing details and tap “Pay” button.
If you meet the Korean language when proceed to PayPal, To get English, choose the language option in the PayPal page.
SIM Card Credit Expiry
When collecting by passport, credit expiry is given 90 days.
If you want to use SIM more than 90 days with same local phone number, you need some procedure as below.
1) Visit Hongdae office carrying with your Alien Registration Card.
2) Switch new SIM card with the SIM card cost 20,000KRW.
When collecting by ARC(Alien Registration Card), validity period is given 120 days. With additional top-up, you can use SIM till you leave Korea.
When the validity date is expired or no balance is left,
the calling and data service will be suspended
incoming calls is possible for 15 days
the phone number will be terminated on the 45th since the validity date has expired.
How to Save an e-Voucher on your phone?
Take a picture on your phone or print it out (on PC).
Take a screenshot on your phone (on Mobile).
Where to top-up?
Convenient Stores
Available CVS points : GS25, CU, 7-ELEVEN
Purchase EG Top-up Card (EG CARD)
Hongik Univ. Station KT Agency Office
Get extra 5% top-up amount when top up at here.(KRW9,500 -> KRW10,000)
Top-up amount
The minimum top-up amount is KRW10,000.
Validity period is added 30 days per top-up amount KRW10,000.

Pick up Points

Hongik KT Agency Office
Hongik Univ. Station(Seoul Subway Line 2, Exit 2)
Link Korea, KT Sinchon Building 4F, 157-1, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Open 09:00 ~ 18:00 all the year
EG Customer Service Center 
+82-1899-6120 (Paid Call)
114 (Free Call)

Getting Started

Ready to Activate for Self-Care !
Power off your phone
Switch Prepaid SIM in your phone
Power on your phone
Go to the Setting in your phone’s menu
Turn off WiFi , Airplane, Bluetooth, data roaming mode
Turn on Cellular Data Network mode
Do Setting APN in your phone below
Connection Name : KT
APN Name :
Server / MMSC : http : //
MCC : 450 , MNC : 08
If you are not sure how to use these settings,  Tap Here!
See a signal?
Yes : Great, you can now use your phone.
No : If your phone is not locked, you may want to check the coverage in your area and need to power off 3 times to connect the KT network.
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