• Affordable Int’l & Local Calls, Text and Data are available
  • Available Extension : Rechargeable SIM
  • Available for Pickup at Incheon, Gimpo Airport, Seoul Station
  • Blazing Fast 4G/LTE Speeds : Avg.120 Mbps on KT Network
  • Outgoing Int’l Calls, Text are available
  • Available for Voice Talk by using Skype, LINE..etc.
  • Tethering are available
  • No need to drop off

Save 25%  OFF!

Promo Price Top-up Amount
USD 28.5(KRW30,000) USD38(~KRW40,000)
 Top-up amount KRW40,000 is offered as following.
Data : up to 2 GB, or
Local Call : up to 336 Min, or
Local SMS : up to 1,818 Texts
Surtax 10% included.
Credit expiry can be used up to for more than 90 days by recharging after purchase if you want.
Top-up amount is added bonus KRW10,000(~USD $9.5).
Learn more detail in Korean, Tap flag!
Pickup & Activating SIM
SIM Activation (Starting) depends on your pickup time.
Pickup 07:00 ~ 09:00 : after 9:00
Pickup 09:00 ~ 18:00 : right after registration
Pickup 18:00 ~ 21:30 : from the next day after 9:00
SIM starting information will be notified by SMS.
Order Process
  • Step 1. Order & Payment
  • Step 2. Download Voucher
  • Step 3. Pickup

Order Now ! 

1 Step 1
Customer Details
Nationalitye.g South Korea
First Name
Last Name
Order Details
Start Date
I confirm my phone is unlocked.
Order productQtyTotal
ANNEX SIM Basic[field60][field48*field60]

Order Checkpoints

You need to order at least 24 hours prior to collect SIM.
If you want to pick it up at Hongdae Station in Seoul, you can order and collect the same day.
Please check 3 points : Unlocked Phone? Phone’s Compatibility? SIM Size?
Customers using phone activated in USA, Canada, Japan, have to make sure that your phone should be unlocked.
For a phone to work in Korea, your phone must support on one of GSM N/W frequencies below.
4G Bands : Band1(2100MHz), Band3(1800MHz), Band8(900MHz)
3G Bands : HSDPA 2100MHz/HSDPA+
Not Supported TD-SCDMA,TD-LTE Bands
After payment, you will receive confirmation mail with e-Voucher.
If you didn’t receive confirmation email, please check your spam or junk email folder or notify us by email.
Int'l Calls/Texts
USA 1.2/sec Japan 3.0/sec
Singapore 7.8/sec Canada 7.8/sec
Australia 7.9/sec SMS 110/sent
LMS 330/sent MMS 660/sent
Unit : KRW, Surtax 10% included.
To see more regional rates details, Tap region below!
Free incoming calls
Local Data/Call/Text
Data 20.48/MB
Call 1.98/sec
SMS/LMS/MMS 22/33/220/sent
Unit : KRW, Surtax 10% included.
Free incoming calls

Payment Checkpoints

Visa, Master American Express, Discover or PayPal account are accepted.
You can pay with your credit card as a guest on the PayPal Page by Choosing “Pay with my credit or debit card” instead “Log in” if you don’t have PayPal account.
If you are having difficulty paying via PayPal, Naver Shopping Mall for Korean is another way. Click N Pay!
After placing an order, you will receive “Thank you” mail. If you didn’t receive it, please check your spam or junk email folder or notify us by email.
If not paid, it does not proceed to the next step.
Take a picture or screenshot e-Voucher on your phone or print it out.


How to Top-up

Use APPS for Top-Up
Download the “WHOMSIM” application from the Android, IOS app store
Choose Language and Top Up
Choose payment options
Input your mobile phone number given A Mobile
Choose Top-up amount
Pay with your credit card
That’s folk all
Top-Up Amount
The minimum top-up amount is KRW10,000.
Validity period is added 30 days per KRW10,000.
Drop by Convenience Stores
Available CVS points : GS25, CU
Buy “WHOM Prepaid Top-Up Card”
You will receive a receipt written PIN number 11 digits.
You can top up with them using Apps or CALL(ARS).
Using Apps
Download “WHOMSIM” at the Google store or App store.
Choose Home > top up > Voucher (Top-Up Card)
Put given your phone number
Put the 11-digit found on receipt of CVS.
Choose Top-Up Button
Using Call (ARS)
Dial 080-800-1635
Choose a language
After the welcome message, press “1″ to top up.
Enter the 11-digit found on your receipt of CVS.

SIM Card Credit Expiry Checkpoints

SIM Card Credit Expiry
When collecting by passport, credit expiry is given 90 days.
When collecting by Korean ID Card or Drive License, credit expiry is given more than 90 days for as long as you want.
When the validity date is expired or no balance is left,
the calling and data service will be suspended
incoming calls is possible for 15 days
the phone number will be terminated on the 45th since the validity date has expired.

Pickup Checkpoints

Pickup Points
Required Documents : Voucher and Passport
Incheon International Airport
Terminal 1 : Except KE, KL, AF, DL
Terminal 2 : KE, KL, AF, DL
Gimpo Airport Station
Seoul Station
ANNEX TELECOM Agency, Link Korea, Seoul
Getting Started
Setting configures the correct data APN automatically.
If your phone does not work, contact staffs at the pickup points.
This SIM is powered by ANNEX Telecom, KT MVNO.
ANNEX Telecom Customer Center
82-1544-4344(overseas), 1544-4344(domestic)
Business hours
Mon ~ Fri: 09:00 ~ 20:00
Lunch break: 12:00 ~ 13:00
Weekend & Holidays: 09:00 ~ 18:00

Amendment, Cancellation and Refund

Send us email promptly if you want to cancel your order or refund, amend order details.
It is subjected to following our policy.
Before the pickup date: fully refunded.
After pickup date : pickup date is amendable or 90% amount of the total paid price will be refunded.(10% handling fee)
Once Rechargeable Korea SIM opened, it is strictly not refundable once sold.
Refund of balance will be paid back by PayPal account.
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